CBD helps with sleep and reduces anxiety

CBD helps with sleep and reduces anxiety

Are you finding yourself tossing and turning at night?  You’ve tried every sleep aid available on the market, but you’re still unable to calm your mind enough to get the quality sleep you deserve.

The long-term effects of sleep deprivation are real.  It drains your mental abilities and can even put your physical health at risk.

Chronic lack of sleep can result in memory issues, lack of concentration, mood changes, high blood pressure, a weakened immunity, low sex drive, and can even increase the risk of heart disease.

So how can CBD help?

CBD edibles, CBD oil, CBD pain relief creams, and even CBD bath & body products have been making their way into homes everywhere, but does CBD oil really help you sleep?

Taking CBD oil can help you relax by easing anxiety and pain, two factors that may make it difficult for someone to fall or stay asleep.  And many studies indicate that it can even help people with different sleep disorders, including insomnia and restless leg syndrome, as well as other conditions known to negatively impact sleep.

Many users report that CBD made them more pleasant, more patient and more stable.

That’s wonderful! How does it work?

CBD works by activating our serotonin receptors, which in turn calm the mind and any anxious feelings. Research has shown that CBD works effectively to target the Endocannabinoid system, the body's network system.

This system send signals to the brain, nervous system, immune cells, and organs.  It controls the balance within all biological functions including sleep, memory, mood, appetite, pain control, energy reproduction and cell replication.

Ok, so if I use it, is it safe?

Absolutely! CBD is a perfectly safe alternative to taking sleep medications and is a smart alternative for almost anybody seeking to improve the quality and quantity of their sleep cycle.

Plus, it’s easy to include in your nightly routine by taking CBD oil or CBD edibles.

How long does it take to work?

While every brain and body reacts differently, you can expect the effects to work within the first half hour.  Some users say they can feel the effects as fast as 15 minutes when using CBD oil tinctures and long-term benefits may take around 2 weeks.

But one thing is certain.  If you find yourself stressed out and experiencing sleep disturbance, the benefits of CBD oil on sleep are tried and true.